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Almega is a 100% locally owned company providing expats  relocation management, Migration & Visas and business consulting. We help companies manage the risks, security concerns and compliance overhead of handling immigration, tax and social security regulations across borders. We offer our services to foreign Investors, companies relocating their employees for long and short term contracts in Botswana. We manage relocations across borders to and fro Botswana, immigration & citizenship, visas, labour related issues and advices, company formations, accounts and tax related matters. As an ambitious and innovative company, Almega boast of a solid customer care, a friendly service delivery and a great sales plan, proven competitive strategies, and a team that brings dynamic energy to the company.

We provide the client with advice and guidance on how best to obtain required documentation to migrate and settling in Botswana and how to complete this process smoothly. We work within strict timelines and communicate with authorities and the client consistently via email or telephone. Each client’s case is treated individually and confident. Almega has a strong understanding of border control procedures as well as any related legislation.

We facilitate payments to government bodies to avoid delays and severe penalties only on agreement with the client. Based on our experience in the market we are also able to recommend to our clients, on an informal basis, other companies in other sectors of the market which may be of interest to their operations.

  • Immigration permits (Work & Residents Permits)
  • Advice on visas(entry Visas)
  • Permanent residence
  • Labour issues
  • Foreign investment
  • Citizenship cases
  • Relocations Management Services
  • Botswana Safari Tours
  • Shuttle Services
  • Settling in and departure Services
Our Services


We believe that the migration process should be uncomplicated. This is why we assist corporate clients and their employees in completing and submitting all the necessary forms and supporting documentation for the migration process. Once the documentation is completed we ensure all required attachments are endorsed and present it to the relevant authorities in Botswana on your behalf.

We follow the application through to its conclusion and cover any matters or queries that may arise between lodgment and approval. Any query that requires the application to be escalated to a higher authority is done by us as part of our service at no extra cost. Our application documentation is thorough and precise and as a result reduces the processing time.

We have strong relationship with employment/ recruitment agencies, Banks, Estate agents, shipping companies, and funds transfer people, etc. We are optimistic that their service matches to what we promise to deliver to all our clients.

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Botswana’s is a rapidly evolving economy that attracts investors and entrepreneurs every year. Its business environment and corporate policies have made it a preferred destination for company setup. Almega would be glad in helping you start your venture.
Almega is committed to assisting you in every aspect of your relocations needs to Botswana, and we will do everything necessary to make this process as easy as possible. As your mandated migration and relocations Company, we will advise on matters pertaining to the legislation and the differing requirements by the various Ministries in Botswana. We will assist you in preparing and submitting the relevant paperwork to all the necessary Ministries in Botswana in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

We will however need your cooperation in collecting the required documents and the onus will remain with you in providing these to us in a timely manner in order to prevent any delays and the problems these may bring with them, including expiry of current visas/permits.
There will also be times when we will need to ask for your understanding and patience as we deal with the Ministries in Botswana as well as other governmental institutions. However, we will guide you through the relocation process and assist you in all cases.
Start your moving preparation 3 months in advance – You may have to obtain visas, work permits, vaccination, or cancel services which require a notice period. Make a list of all you need to do. Being well-organized will help the move go more smoothly.
Sort through your belongings – Choose which goods you would like to bring along to Botswana and which ones you prefer to leave behind either with a friend or in a storage unit. Seek advice: it might cost less to buy goods in Botswana instead of bringing over your belongings.


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